Sunday, March 2, 2008

Resisting Temptation

It was a long two days on deck this weekend. It was a huge meet numbers wise and I spent many, many hours on my feet. One good thing about that is that I didn't have a lot of free time to hang around the hospitality room and all it's sugar-laden munchies. Here's what I was faced with upon arrival Saturday morning:

The good new is that they did provide a bowl of mixed fruit, and I was able to scrape the bacon and eggs out of a couple of breakfast tacos for a halfway decent morning meal.

We were so busy Saturday that they had to bring food out to us. I was trying to gulp down something between starting 50 yard freestyle races. It wasn't that hard actually because they brought me two sandwiches on huge rolls. I just flipped off the top bun, grabbed the contents from the middle, and inhaled them! Sunday I was able to repeat the same breakfast, but I did have some time off to go back and sit down to eat. They had barbecue sandwiches but the meat was in a warmer so I was able to dish it out in a bowl and eat it. Unfortunately it was in a sauce that I'm sure was full of sugar but it was that or starvation!! Nothing else to choose from except cookies and cakes. So all-in-all I thought I did pretty well considering the circumstances.

Now Saturday night was a different story. My granddaughter and her boyfriend were at the house and they had gone out and each bought a pint of ice cream. My granddaughter only ate about half of hers and she asked me if I wanted to finish it. Now if she had said "Grandpa, do you want the rest of my vanilla ice cream?"--I might have said no.
If she had said "Grandpa, do you want the rest of my chocolate ice cream?"--I might have said no. But when she said "Grandpa, do you want the rest of my Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia?"--that 'twas more temptation than I could overcome. Oh well--it's one of my occasional indulgences! :-)

It going to be interesting to see how my workout goes tomorrow. I ache all over from all the standing. But I have some motivation to help me along. I watched the movie "300" tonight and then watched a couple video clips of the actors training at Gym Jones. I'm psyched and ready to go--bring on the Concept2!!! :-)

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