Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boggie Golf - Finding the Groove

I played another round of Boogie golf yesterday morning. For the first few holes, I was NOT meeting the objective which is to do a lot of walking with brief interruptions to actually hit the ball. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything with my normally dependable 7-wood. I hit two good consecutive shots on the par 5 third hole that got me close to the green; however, my other 7-wood shots resulted in three lost balls and three drowned balls over six holes. When you are constantly teeing up new balls, you're not walking. And even though I say the level of my play isn't important to me now, I was getting frustrated and upset. Again, NOT what this is supposed to be all about. So on the seventh hole I decided to keep the 7-wood in the bag and used my 31 degree utility club off the tee. Now this is a club that I can hit from 145 to 165 yards depending on how well I strike it so I decided to just take a smooth swing and try to stay in the fairway. Boy did it work!! I hit ball after ball right down the middle, all close to 150 yards. The amazing thing is that on the back nine, which includes two par 5s, I shot one shot less than bogey golf (two pars & one double). I really enjoyed it! So I think I'll banish the 7-wood to the garage for now although I do have a 26 degree utility club on order that may become my new choice off the tee.

Time: 2hrs, 15 min
Good shots: 22

Notes: I had to wait a few minutes on #11 for a grounds keeper to finish raking the bunkers. My good shots were double last week although it almost feels like cheating to count all those strokes with the utility club--I love that thing!

I'm leaving tomorrow to meet up with family in New Orleans and then head to Mobile for my dad's funeral service. My brother and I are going to play golf Tuesday. It may sound strange but we feel it's a very appropriate way to honor his memory.

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