Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Different Motivation

I played another racquetball match today but this time it was against Ron. He has been one of the top two or three players on base for several years. Things are a little different when I play with him instead of Neal. When I walk out on the court with Neal, I expect to win the game. History will show my expectations are not met more than 50% of the time that we play--but I have that expectation nonetheless. When I play Ron, my expectations are much different. I've won perhaps five or six times out of the hundreds of games we've played. When I play with Ron, I hope to give him a good game, make him work for his victory, and play as hard as I can. I don't want to get embarrassed! In our three games today, I scored 10, 2, and 5 points respectively. Losing 15-2 is certainly a candidate for the "embarrassing" tag, but I worked hard and there were a lot of side-outs that don't show in the score. The only downer is that I tweaked something in my left hip and it's still hurting IF I move in a particular way. I'll probably play only once next week and wait until Wednesday to do so.

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