Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kettlebell Workout

Clean & Press Ladders

5-rung ladders
16kg bell
3 ladders

Notes: First of all, this is not the full workout I had planned. After the ladders, I was going to do some man-makers consisting of swings and cycling. But while doing the last ladder, my wife informed me we were heading to my son's house for an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids. So I plan on doing those at lunch tomorrow. That said, this was still a good effort. I had started my initial kettlebell training last summer and had worked up from 3x3 ladders to 5x5, but I hadn't done much in the last few months. My efforts in the barbell press show how lifting anything overhead is a challenge, so I was feeling these during the last ladder--especially with the left hand. So all-in-all, I'm happy I got something in on a day that could have easily been used solely for watching golf and basketball on the tube!

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