Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Stroll

I went to bed last night thinking that if I woke up early enough, I would go walk 18 holes at sun up. Well, I didn't wake up in time for that so I headed out for a walk and then followed it up with a couple of exercises:

90 Minute walk with some pace

10 push-ups
20 sit-ups
2 rounds


Notes: It was a nice morning for a walk. I had the Zune with me and listened to some Chicago; Blood, Sweat & Tears; and some Beethoven piano sonatas by Horowitz. The first set of push-ups were nice and clean--on rhythm with chest to the ground. For the last few push-ups in the second round I had to get out of my plank position and recover in a pike. The last two were a little sloppy. But still not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. I may try to get out for some "boogie" golf tomorrow--and possibly do some kettlebell stuff as well.

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