Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Golf

I got in a round of Boogie golf this morning. There was enough light to tee-off around 7:10 so I was able to beat the morning gaggle. It was a very enjoyable round due to a number of factors. First, the setting was very nice considering that my home course is a bit of a goat track. There were birds singing on many holes, ducks flying in and out of a couple ponds, and a really nice sunrise. The other thing was that the greens were in the best shape I've seen in a while. Now my golf wasn't any better than the last time out--as a matter of fact, it was probably worse overall. But I did spread my good shots over the entire course. As I sat at the clubhouse after the round, I replayed each hole and tried to remember the good shots. By "good" I mean that the result of the shot was reasonable close to what I was expecting to do before hitting the ball. It doesn't have to be perfect, just reasonably close to what I was trying to pull off. As an example, on one hole I was 145 yards out which is a flag I can reach with a 7-iron. In this instance I didn't hit it pure and it only went 135; however, it was straight and ended up in front of the green for an easy chip. Other good shots were a 210 yard 7-wood that landed pin-high and rolled to the back of the green; a 12-foot par putt, and a 30 yard pitch to two feet. All in all, I counted a total of 11 good shots. That means I hit A LOT of crappy shots. But as the saying goes, its the good shots that bring you back. So although walking the course and getting some exercise is still my primary purpose for being out there, I think I'll keep track of those good moments. So the stats for today:

Time on course: 1:52
Good Shots: 11

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