Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gotta Be Flexible!

Today was supposed to be the second installment of my return to regular racquetball but it didn't happen. My partner and I were at the court, ready to begin, when a young sailor approached my partner, I couldn't hear everything she said but it included the word "admiral" so I knew we were done. When the admiral sends someone for you, the game is over! So I headed back to the gym, contemplated just changing clothes and going home, but in the end decided to jump on the Concept2 for a quick round of Tabata!. I really went hard during the work portions of the intervals, and I was looking forward to comparing my times to the last time I did it. But no joy--the damn computer did a data dump and there were no records in the memory. But I know I worked hard and in the end, that's what matters.

I did mention to the manager that there was a problem with the computer. I noticed that while I was doing the work part of the interval, the 20 seconds ticked off at a much slower rate than the 10 seconds during the recovery. They really need to get that fixed! :-)

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