Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here's another of my named workouts in honor of my granddaughter. By the way, her dad named her after this Kiana.


500 meter row for time
Push-ups, Pull-ups, & dips for reps (gravitron @ 80lbs)
3 rounds

1. 2:01...10...8...8
2. 1:58....7...7...4
3. 1:55....6...6...5

Notes: I originally was going to prescribe a set rest interval as part of this but that got blown up right away when there was another couple working on the Gravitron when I was ready to go. So I'll just say that I move quickly from one exercise to the next (but I let the chest heaving slow down after the third row!). Also, I stop once I hit failure on the body weight exercises. It will be interesting to see if I can show some progress on this one over time

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