Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

I had plans for a circuit workout tonight that included hitting the C2 rower at least three times. Sometimes plans just don't work out. Tonight there was a personal trainer there working with some high school girls, and they were rotating on the C2 (with horrible form I might add). So I ended up making up something else on the fly and it came out like this:

Suitcase Deadlifts (dumbbell in each hand)
15@40 (80)
8@50 (100)
5@70 (140)

Press (from front rack position)

8 x :30 with :30 second rest

Decided to try the suitcase lifts instead of the normal deadlift. Gave my shins a break!
My press numbers are pathetic--a real reflection of my total lack of upper body work in the past.
The C2 again kicks ass--what a machine!!


Stephan said...

Hi Dave,

Just found your blog through MDA. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

By the way, I've been using that sandbag I told you about way back on the MDA forum. It's been pretty good so far. I mostly do clean + press with it. It's a great exercise. It recruits so much muscle mass it really gets your heart pumping too. I've been building my strength slowly and now I'm ready to up the weight in the bag.

It's funny, my upper body has gotten strong really quickly (3 months), but my legs are still wet noodles. I've been squatting regularly but I can't seem to increase the weight. It might be all the cycling I do.

I also just created my own blog last night, as an extension of my health website:

Stephan said...

By the way, I'm "Sasquatch" on MDA

Dave Clary said...

Hi Stephan!

I knew who you were as soon as you mentioned the sandbags!! There will be some pictures of sandbags in a post I'm going to do later tonight or tomorrow.

Now we just have to get Lemur and some of the other MDA Forum veterans to join the blogoshere and we can resume where we left off! :-)