Monday, March 10, 2008

Return to the Court

I got a pleasant surprise today. My normal Wednesday racquetball partner called this morning looking for a game. I had to run home real quick and get some clothes but it was worth it. I was able to play three full games with no sign of my hip pain returning. I lost two of of three but it was a great workout. It was enough work that I canceled my plans to do intervals on the C2 rower in the evening. There was plenty of high intensity work going on on the court today. I still went to the gym this evening and did the following:

10 x 1 @ 50#s

4 x 4 @ 50#s

Clean and Press
15 x 45
8 x 65
4 x 75

I've been doing the Gravitron assisted pull-ups with a 100 pound assist. I decided today to try cutting that weight in half, and just do singles with a 30-60 second rest between them. Seems like a good idea to me to help me eventually ween myself off the Gravitron.

I was going to do the same thing with dips but I did four sets of four instead. I should have just dropped the weight but I kept doing the dips when I got on and realized I could.

I did what I guess would be considered a "power clean" for the clean portion of the C&Ps. It was a good range-of-motion exercise, and I had to push press the final two presses on the third set. I followed that up with some stability ball crunches and some stretching. Felt like a pretty good workout--especially combined with the racquetball.


Marc said...

Dave, the gravitron is a good machine.
Here's a tip; make sure you angle your chest towards the ceiling. This will help you isolate your lats.

keep going!!!!

Dave Clary said...

Thanks for the tip, Marc. I actually haven't been doing that and it feels more like an arm exercise than I thought pullups should be. I'll definitely keep that I mind next time I climb on the Gravitron!