Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Nice Idea But....

I work out in a facility located on the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. It is a really well equipped gym (they refer to it as FX - short for Fitness Express). There are gobs and gobs of machines but they also have a great collection of free weights. This includes lots of benches and racks, a huge row of brand new one-piece dumbbells, and several olympic-sized bars with lots of plates. They even have chalk!! Today they installed a new rack. It the one pictured in this PDF. It's the one on the left side of the first page to include the platform. It's really a nice looking piece of equipment but installing it created a problem. It takes up so much space that they eliminated another lifting area to make room. The extended platform is great for deadlifts, but you can't do it while someone else is doing squats. Before you could have two people doing each lift side-by-side. I sure hope they rethink their setup and bring back the other rack.

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