Thursday, March 27, 2008


This will be my last entry for awhile. I found out last night that my father passed away after almost 79 years on this earth. He was a great man who raised three generations of kids, including being legal guardian to two of his grandchildren long after the age where he should have had to worry about such things. I spent part of last night looking at video footage of the best round of golf I ever played. My dad, my two brothers, and I were part of a foursome to celebrate his 75th birthday.

I'll close this out by bringing up something related to the purpose of this blog. The official cause of death will say it was caused by "cardiac infarction" but make no mistake. The cause of my father's death was losing a lifelong battle with Type II diabetes. I have been like him in some ways to include the yo-yoing weight loss and gain. But this just serves to strengthen my resolve to stay on the course I have chosen. I want to be around to play golf with my grandchildren, and to shoot my age when I'm 90!


Stephan said...

Dave, sorry to hear about your Dad. We'll look forward to hearing from you again when you feel up for it.

Dave Clary said...

Thanks, Stephan. It turns out the service isn't going to be until next Wednesday. I'll be leaving Monday morning to my brother's house in New Orleans and then will be head to Mobile AL Wednesday morning for the service.