Monday, March 10, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I took it easy this weekend partially due to fighting off a mild cold. Sometimes it's hard for me to distinguish between my airborne allergies and a hitchhiking bug, but this definitely felt like the latter. Friday I took Dominic (my grandson) to the racquetball court to hit a few. He's not good enough to actually sustain a rally but he likes hitting the ball and hanging out with g-pa. The best thing coming out of this will probably be good memories of me after I'm long gone.

The only real exercise I got was Saturday when I took my granddaughter and her friend to the mall. I set them loose and then just walked for about an hour listening to the mp3 player. I would have prefered walking 18 holes on the golf course but it was a little colder Saturday morning than I like--at least now. I used to have a partner that would play a round in just about any conditions imaginable, but now that he has moved out of the area, I find it hard to head out in bad conditions. Also, the onset of daylight savings time complicates matters. Now it's harder to get out early before the hoards and play a quick round of "boogie" golf (more on that later),
Saturday night I broke down and took an OTC drug that provides me relief from the cold symptoms, but it makes me groggy and listless--even the next day. So I spent most of Sunday sitting on the couch watching golf on the tube. I did finally make it out in the evening to mow the lawn.

The one thing I did do right this weekend was stick to eating REAL FOOD. My local supermarket is hit or miss on stocking grass fed beef but this weekend they had both round steak (normal) and some NY strip (the first time I've seen that). I try to eat some wild salmon every weekend but they were out, so I treated myself to that strip. I combined it with some asparagus sauteed in butter, garlic powder and almonds. Yummy!!

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