Monday, March 24, 2008

Swing & Row

I finished off the kettlebell workout I started yesterday with some changes:

30 Swings
1 minute row
6 cycles

Notes: The differences were that I didn't bring my kettlebell with me so I had to do them with a dumbell instead. I grabbed one end and did two-handed swings. My impression was that this was a little more difficult than swinging the kettlebell--I sure felt taxed getting to 30 on the last couple of cycles. The other difference was that I hopped on the C2 rower between swings instead of the bike. The row was more for recovery than workout--the computer showed I did about 200 meters on each of the row reps.

I'll probably head back to the gym this evening with my grandson, and I'm not sure what I'll do at this point. Time to go surf Gym Jones and Crossfit for some ideas!


Marc said...

Sound like a good one Dave.
1 minue in rowing machine? I don't have one in my gym, But maybe I'll substitute with jump rope for 1 min.
I'm gonna try that one.
Oh, your sock eye looks TASTY!


Dave Clary said...

Yep, a rowing machine - the Concept2 to be specific. It's worthy of it's own post!