Friday, April 4, 2008

Tale of the Scale


Another pleasant surprise. After a week of NO exercise, and indulging in some of my old favorites while home in New Orleans, I'm more than happy to come in at the same weight (to the tenth) as last week. I did eat some big meals while gone, but I also went some long periods without eating at all--it was truly intermittant fasting without planning for it. The first thing I ate upon arriving was a big roast beef po-boy. It was the first bread I've eaten in several months but it's a MUST when I get back home. You just can't get New Orleans style french bread anywhere else. But there is no fear on my part of continuing to eat bread. Once I've had a genuine New Awlins poboy, I wouldn't think of walking into a Subway for a year (and that's how I felt before I embraced a low-carb life style).

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