Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thrusters - A "Two-fer" Special

Once in a while I find myself trying to fit in a workout in a compressed time window. Today was a good example. I can normally come in to work early or stay late so that I can take a long lunch. I always do this, for example, on days when I play racquetball. But there are days, like today, where I have to be back in the office for a meeting so the time available is finite. That's a good situation to throw in Thrusters. It basically a squat/push-press combination so I can work a bunch of muslce groups in one exercise. Now in my case, it's far from an equal distribution of work because my legs are SO FAR ahead of my upper body. I'm going to have to do some squats separately to really work the lower body. But I still like Thrusters!!

Warm Up

The "Movement Preparation" set from Athlete's Performance
(I'm going to detail this in another post)



Pull Ups (Gravitron at 50lbs)

3 sets (7, 6, 5)

Dips (Same as above)

Row (see Notes)


Notes: I decided to go with Devany's hierarchal set for the Thrusters. As noted above, I'm limited in the weight I can use for these by my upper body. This was a good starting weight. I dropped the weight down on the Gravitron again. I started using 100 pounds of assitance so this is showing some progress. I'll probably continue to alternate do more reps with a little more help with doing less reps and less weight. Looking forward to that glorious day when I do ONE LEGIT PULL UP! :-) The row was done on one of those machines where you get in a prone position with your chest on a pad, and pull on a plate-loaded lever. The weights quoted are the plates only--I have no idea how much the bar contributes. All-in-all a good, short workout.

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