Monday, April 14, 2008

The Lost Weekend

Note to self: Time to get a grip!! After blogging about "strengthening my resolve" after last Friday's weigh in, I had a weekend that showed anything but resolve. I had to officiate a swim meet and and it was put on by a team that normally provides a really nice variety of food in their hospitality room. But this meet was a little different than normal in that it was a smaller invitational with not that many swimmers. So they didn't go all out and what they did provide was a collection of sugar bombs. I really should have made this an opportunity to practice some intermittant fasting but I was damn hungry so I gave in. It didn't help that one of the items was a favorite of mine--chess cake (a cream cheese and sugar concoction). So here I am heading in totally the wrong direction. I am going to apply a lesson from golf. I can't worry about what just went wrong (like the tee shot that went in the water)--I have to be in the present and move on. I realize that I am at a critical juncture. I can back pedal like I have in the past and lose the hard earned gains, or get back on track and move forward. Like the folks at Nike say: JUST DO IT!

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