Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching Up Again

I've been busy at work the last couple of days, and it's interfering with my blogging!! :-)

Yesterday I played a racquetball match with Neal and had a great workout. I lost two out of three (after sweeping all three the last time we played), but feces occurs. I don't like losing but I did get in some good work. I was very sloppy with a lot of unforced errors. There's always next week.
The bad news is that an hour after playing I was really sore--damn hip flexors again. I made the mistake of sitting at my desk for 40 minutes or so when I got back. I just can't do that. It was pretty obvious to people at the office--I kept getting asked if I was having back trouble. So I just popped an 800mg Motrin and did some stretching, and felt better later. I went to the gym Wednesday evening with Dominic but all I did was a couple sets of pull ups and a lot of stretching.

Today I tried something a little different. Dominic and I walked to the high school gym about a mile away, and once there ran sprints up a short but steep hill. I was originally thinking of going out to the bay front where there is a longer, more gradual hill so that I could run some downhill sprints as well. I was advised to try that to help the tightness in my hips when I try to sprint. "Try" is the keyword in that last sentence. What I can do now can't really be called sprinting. I was never fast (5:55 was my best ever mile) but now I'm pitiful.

I also realized when I sat down that I didn't write up Sunday's round of Boogie Golf. I'll just say that I had a great day and played from the fairway almost the whole way. I used my new 26º Snake Eyes utility club and it worked very well. I pushed my first shot with it just a little right of the cart path, but after that I could do no wrong. I loved it so much that I ordered the 20º. If I hit that one as well as the 26º, it will become my new "driver." I'm actually getting to the point where I might go ahead and keep a legit score although my short game needs a lot of work.

So that catches me up. Tale of the Scale tomorrow!

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