Thursday, April 24, 2008

Intense Racquetball

I can't remember the last time I exerted as much effort as I did on the court today. I took the first game 15-11, and then had a bit of a let down and got beat something like 15-7 in the second (my memory fades a bit when I lose). The third game was unbelievable. We exchanged the lead several times and I found myself down 14-11. I scored my 12th point on a rally that seemed to last an eternity. I had to sprint several times to keep the rally alive before finally winning that point. I was really wasted at that point and was still breathing quite rapidly while trying to serve the next point. But I managed to win two more points and served for the win before skipping a back hand for a side out. Neal got the point on his serve to win the match 2-1. I NEVER like losing but that was one hell of a workout. It's like participating in an hour-long interval session.

My wife "unfired" me and I took our grandson to the gym this evening. I really didn't feel like doing a damn thing but I ended up doing 5 set of pull ups - 5 reps each with the Gravitron set to 60lbs. I also did 3 x 15 crunches on an incline bench.

Tomorrow is Tale of the Scale day and to paraphrase Rhett Butler: "Frankly, I don't give a damn." I'm working out hard and eating right. Sooner or later my body will respond and I'll get off this damn plateau I've been on.

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