Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Rowing and Resistance Work

My playing partner couldn't make it for our racquetball match today; however, we've rescheduled for tomorrow. I wanted to get some work in tonight but without leaving myself wasted tomorrow. So nothing too intense but some work nonetheless:

Warm up 10 minutes

4000 meters in 20 minutes (fairly slow but steady pace)

Seated Rows
15 x 50lbs
12 x 70lbs
12 x 90lbs

Machine Crunches
15 x 70
5 x 75

Notes: Speaking of notes, I can't find the ones I made at the gym but I think I've recalled everything correctly. The crunches were on a cable machine. The seated rows were on one of those machines where you have to load plates and each side acts independently. The weight cited doesn't include the starting weight with no plates. I was planning on linking to a website showing the machine, but I can't recall the name (it was on my missing notes). At any rate, a nice workout that wont hurt my tomorrow on the racquetball court.

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