Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fee Fi Feaux Fran

I smell the blood of an English--man????

Nope, just a little play on words courtesy of our friends at Crossfit. One of their signature workouts is called "Fran" which is the inspiration for the workout I did tonight at the gym. But it wasn't a "real" Fran--thus the title. So what I did:

15 Barbell Thrusters with 40 pounds
6 Pull Ups (Gravitron at 70lbs)
1 Minute rest
5 Rounds

Notes: This one got my heart going and taxed my upper body for the last couple of rounds. I'm still having some pain issues in my upper back so I've decided to shelve the heavy lifting for awhile until I heal. This was a good workout. I really like doing thrusters--a good overall exercise . I warmed up with a brisk 1.5 mile walk on the track with my grandson.

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