Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking It Easy

I needed some recovery after Monday's effort so Tuesday was an easy day. At lunch I grabbed a club from the trunk of my car and walked over to the golf course and hit a bucket of balls at the range. It's probably about a one mile walk each way. When I got home yesterday evening, I walked another couple of miles with my grandson, and then did another couple miles of easy pedaling. I'm feeling good this morning--no aches. I'm tentatively scheduled to play another racquetball match but there's a chance my opponent won't be able to make it. It will be interesting to see how my body handles two matches in three days. Six months ago I was playing three times a week regularly; however, ever since I strained a hip flexor, I've had issues with soreness after playing. I felt ok Monday afternoon--hopefully I'm approaching full strength. We'll see. Meanwhile my eating is back on track. I may not get back to 203lbs by Friday but I will be in green numbers again!

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