Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After a couple of fairly hard days, I decided to head to the gym at lunch and get in some stretching. I had a little twinge in my back yesterday evening, and I find that if I don't follow that up with a good stretching session, it gets worse. I'm feeling a lot better this evening. I didn't mention in my other posts that I walked two miles each evening with my grandson. The pace was easy but moving rather than sitting is a good thing!

My wife cooked up a batch of red beans and sausage tonight. I used to heap that on a large bed of rice (my New Orleans upbringing), but now I just dish out a small bowl of the beans and sausage. Of course, I nibbled on a few pieces of sausage before they ever made it into the beans! I'll need to take it easy tomorrow if I don't want to be disappointed come time Friday for the Tale of the Scale!!

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