Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boogie Golf - What A Day!!

I had a really good outing on the golf course this morning. Normally a round of Boogie Golf does not involve keeping score. All I'm really interested in doing is getting good exercise by trying to stay on the move, and that can be hampered by spending time looking for balls, taking drops, going back to the tee, etc. If I can't find a ball in a matter of seconds, I just drop another and keep going. So it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to keep score when I'm not following the rules of golf. HOWEVER, if you are having the kind of round where you are hitting it well, and scoring pars and bogeys, it's not hard to calculate your score. On the front nine this morning, I had four pars, and five bogeys for a 39 (one par 5). All the pars came from up & downs that included real good pitch/chip shots. All of the par putts were inside of four feet. And that was good because I DIDN'T HAVE A PUTTER!! When I set down my bag on the first tee, I realized that my putter was still in the living room near the six foot strip of carpet I use to practice my stroke. I did all my putting with a six iron, and I did very well!! I only had four clubs in all--PW, 8I, 6I, and 31 degree hybrid. I don't remember the last time I broke 40 for nine holes.

I didn't do nearly as well on the back. I doubled three of the first four holes. But after that I made bogey on the next three holes before making a very improbable par on 17. I had hit a poor second shot that scooted off to a barren water collection area. I was about 90 yards out with a my ball sitting in damp sandy soil, with trees and a large bunker between me and the green. I managed to get the ball airborne and on to the green; however, I was 40 feet away from the flag. So I took out my trusty six iron hoping to get close, and damn if I didn't sink it!! Unfortunately, I doubled 18 for a 49 on the back. So I shot a legitimate 88 using four clubs and no putter!!

The danger now is that I will have to fight off having expectations of similar results the next time I go out. The odds are that I won't have the same magical touch around the greens that I did today that enabled me to get all those up and downs. Hopefully I'll just get out there and boogie down the fairway and if the good shots happen--they happen!!

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