Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Racquetball, Squats, Press, & More

A mini catch-up post. I played Neal in racquetball yesterday and it was a tough match. I fell behind 7-0 in the first game before rattling off seven straight points and going on to win 15-10. I had my normal second game letdown and lost the second 15-8. I lost the last one 15-12 but it was a very hard fought game and I turned back a couple of match points. This seems to be a pattern that repeats itself often. I think part of it is that when I get tired I don't remain patient and wait for good scoring opportunites to try for winners. Instead I end up taking some low percentage shots or skipping balls when I'm not in good position to hit a kill shot.

Yesterday evening I did the two mile walk with my grandson while listening to Dire Straits.

Today was a lift-at-lunch day and it went like this:


15 @ 140lbs
8 @ 170lbs
4 @ 200

Overhead Press
15 @ 45
8 @ 50
4 @ 55

Chin Ups (Gravitron @ 60)
10, 6, 5

Reverse Crunches
2 sets of 15

I did some good, full squats today. I don't have great hip flexibilty so they weren't terribly deep but I was definitely past parallel.
Finally learned my lessons from the past and started light and minimal increase on the press. It's a damn puny weight but it is what it is. At least I finally managed a full hierarchal set!!
I grew up differientiating a "pull up" from a "chin up" by the grip--reverse grip being a chin up. So I'm going to go with that for my description. I just decided to try that for a change. That might be an easier path to finally getting up on my own power.

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