Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boogie Golf - Putter Shows Some Life

If the object of Boogie Golf is to get exercise (and it is), then the objective was met this morning. It was quite warm and humid even for the 6:30am tee off, and my shirt was wringing wet within a couple of holes. I played pretty well overall including three pars on the front. What got me those pars were putts of 6, 8, and 20 feet! I decided to ditch the "hockey" swing with my home made hAMMY clone, and to use it as a belly putter instead. For the most part, it worked real well as those par putts would attest. I didn't make any more long ones but I was real close on others and only had two three-putts. I figure that's pretty good since I haven't practiced it at all. I was considering going back to my long putter, but decided it would be two awkward trying to put that thing in a carry bag (it's not easy to get it in my trunk either).

My ball striking overall was pretty good but I hit a few stinkers. The good thing about playing with the hybrid for anything over 130-135 yards is that even the bad misses tend to be playable. I managed to keep my emotions under control for the most part--it goes with trying to play down expectations. But stringing a couple pars together makes that process challenging!!

One really big change from a few months ago is that I really look forward to getting out on the course now. I can't wait to play again (a curious figure of speech because obviously I AM going to have to wait to play again)!!

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