Friday, May 16, 2008

Racquetball with Ron

This is a little out of sequence but I had a busy evening yesterday and didn't get around to writing this up. I played four games with Ron on Thursday. I scored 3, 9, 12, & 5 points (for Ron's points divide 60 by 4). :-) It was a good workout but not as vigorous as the one I played with Neal on Monday. The problem with playing Ron is that each game is handicapped, but it's not a hard handicap that can be quantified. I know, for example, in golf that if I play a match, I know how many strokes I have to give or be given based on our established USGA index. But with Ron it's not that simple. The fact is that if he played all out, I would stand a chance of getting shut out every time. He has a very good drive serve but rarely uses it against me. He also hits a lot of defensive shots that keep rallies going when he probably could have just killed the ball and ended it. I have a pretty decent serve myself and am capable of hitting some good shots so some of my points are earned. But if I'm having a bad shot making day and taking myself out of points by skipping the ball, then I shorten the rallies and hence the intensity of the workout. Yesterday was one of those days!

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