Friday, May 23, 2008

Bicycle Sprints

I opted for another gas saving/stay-at-home workout Thursday evening. Warmed up by walking two miles with my grandson while listening to The Doors - Morrison Hotel. Followed that up by doing some bicycle sprints on my beater bike. I did a total of six circuits--sprinting one straight (about 250 yards) and recovering on the rest of the loop. The bike has a 21-gear drive chain and I'm using the middle chain ring and the middle rear gear because I don't have a shifter for the back (I just bought one but I haven't got around to installing it yet). So these are high RPM sprints without the benenfit of being clipped in--definitely different from the big gear sprints I used to do in my serious cycling days. Trying to get into an efficient sprinting position on a "city-bike" is tough. I wonder if I could put some 44cm Cinelli drop bars on the thing! :-)

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