Sunday, May 4, 2008

Boogie Golf - It Comes and Goes

I played 31 holes of golf this weekend. Friday I played twilight golf with my son and my grandson. We played the entire front nine and four holes on the back. There was enough light to get a few more holes in, but my son was riding and had to return the cart. I was ready to go though--I was playing like crap. It's funny--a few weeks ago I was starting to play very well. I was hitting so many "good shots" that I quit keeping count as I had been doing. I almost never hit a really bad shot with one of my hybrid clubs. But the last couple of weeks, it seems I lost the swing I had, and I started hitting some stinkers.

I got to the course this morning and got off to a lousy start. It took me five shots to get on the green on a short par 4. I hit a couple good shots over the next three holes, and I started reminding myself that the point of Boogie Golf is to enjoy the walk and not worry about the score. But this game can be a real teaser, and when I started having some success, I wanted more! On #6 I was on a mound with a side hill, down hill lie, and I shanked that puppy. But then I hit a smooth 8 iron to within five feet of the pin. So I tried to make a mental note of how that swing felt so I could try to duplicate it on my next full shot. It was like someone threw a switch and my swing was back. I started hitting the hybrid well every time. The key seems to be keeping a smooth tempo and "oily" hands. I had started putting a vice grip on the club, and lunging at the ball instead of making a smooth turn. Once I corrected that I was back in business. I went the rest of the way with four pars, two doubles, and the rest bogies. I walked off a happy camper.

I'm going to try hard to keep "expectations" low, and out of the picture. The goal is still to get some exercise; HOWEVER, it sure does feel good to clock a few!! :-)

Things are going well with the "90 Day No Cheat" plan. Temptations abound (like that Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream in the freezer) but I'm hanging in there. I enjoyed a nice New York Strip at Chile's today. Good stuff!!

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