Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bicycle Sprints

Events worked against me getting to the gym during lunch today so I decided to do something close to home. I live on a street that forms a "U" and the loop including the main street connecting the two ends of the U is a little over a half mile. I sprint one of the straight-aways (around 230 yards) and then recover for the remaining part of the loop. I did a total of 8 sprints with the corresponding recovery. I was going to do a couple more but I got side tracked stopping my bold but small Jack Russel Terrier (someone let her out the house) from taking on some big dog that had been running along side me (anyone remember Eddie from American Flyers?).

I expect the Tale of the Scale results tomorrow to be a little higher than last week but that will be ok. I'm back on track and I'm confident it will be heading in the right direction after this week.

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