Monday, June 30, 2008

Winning Racquetball and Turning the Cranks!

I FINALLY won a racquetball match today. I fell behind 0-7 in the first game but then I went on an 11 point run and ended up winning 15-13. I lost the second game but came back strong in the third (I think it was 15-8). I really had my serve working today, and for the most part, I played smart. Playing winning racquetball is similar to practicing good course management in golf. You have to know when to "go for it" and when to just keep things going. I was definitely tired after playing but not anything like last Friday. Dumping that one medication seems to have made the difference.

I made the round trip to work on the bike again. I bought a cheap light at the supermarket so I could take off a little earlier. I just like having that when I come to an intersection--it increases the chances of being seen. I felt pretty wasted after the ride home today since it came three hours after an intense racquetball match so I didn't do a kettlebell workout as I had planned. I will hit the gym for some weight work tomorrow.

Good day of eating. I put everything in Fitday and came in just under 1500 calories. I tried using the broiler in the new range for the first time, and seriously overcooked some steaks. Luckily they were some inexpensive sirloins. I'm going to have to work with this some more, plus I'm shopping for a gas grill.

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