Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kettlebell and Pedal Power

My first day of cycle commuting went well today. The ride in was comfortable without much traffic to deal with. The ride home was a different story. It was 89 degrees, 88% humidity, and with a 15 mph headwind gusting to 25. I rode a good bit of it on the sidewalk to avoid the auto traffic (made easier with fat tires). The total distance for the round trip is around 13 miles--not a lot of distance but it's still good exercise. When I got home, I did some kettlebell clean and press ladders. I did two ladders of five rungs. I was going to do a third but my wife threw a "honey do" at me that I couldn't put off. I may doing more home exercise and less in the gym. I don't think I need to be doing a lot of heavy weight to meet my needs. I may get another (heavier) kettlebell eventually, and perhaps a bar with a small weight set. We only eat in our dining room twice a year--time to shove the table over and make more room for working out!

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