Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Racquetball

It's been eight days since I last played racquetball but you wouldn't have known it by the way I played today. I looked more like someone who hadn't played in eight years. Time and time again, I would get set ups and then skip the ball into the front wall. Very annoying. I think I scored something like 6-7 points over three games. But we played one more game and I finally started making some shots. I had leads of 13-10 and 14-12 before Ron decided enough was enough and finished off the game with three straight aces. But at least I got some satisfaction from some good play in the last game. If I had to quit after the first three games, I would have walked off feeling pretty lousy.
I like to take a couple days off between matches but due to taking Monday off, it looks like that won't happen this week. Neal wants to play Thursday so I'll have to go on one days rest. Should be interesting!!

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