Sunday, June 29, 2008

A quick catch-up post.

I played a rare Friday racquetball match with Neal. I won the first game going away (15-4) but lost the next two in close scores. I felt really tired in the last game and I took a little extra time between points trying to recover. After getting back to the office and sitting for awhile, I stood up and felt very dizzy. I had my blood pressure monitor with me so I took a reading - 95/54! I took it again a few minutes later to make sure it wasn't a fluke reading--it wasn't. So I decided to quit taking the evening pill and just take the morning BP med. I've been taking my BP over the weekend and I would guess my average is around 115/65. I haven't felt any dizziness, but then I haven't done much exertion either.

My weekend was dominated by my granddaughter's 13th birthday. I'll skip the details but it was stressful and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep Saturday night. I finally got some good sleep in but it came at the expense of getting up in time to play golf. So no Boogie Golf this weekend. I was really looking forward to playing Sunday. I did, however, stay on track with my eating except for a little ice cream at my granddaughter's party. Otherwise, my meals were good!

I'm heading to work on the bicycle tomorrow, and I'm scheduled to play Neal again. I also plan on doing some kettlebell work when I get home.

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