Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Upper Body Day

I made it to the gym at lunch and decided to pass on my press and squat routine after the bouts with dizziness the last two times. I feel like I probably would have been ok since I dumped on of my medications, but I'm going to wait until after I see the doctor Thursday. So today I concentrated on the upper body work using the hierarchical set method.

(all weights per arm)

DB Overhead Press

15 x 20lbs
8 x 25lbs
6 x 30lbs

DB Bench Press
15 x 30lbs
8 x 35lbs
4 x 40lbs

Overhead Press (Barbell)
5 x 65lbs

Decline Press (Hammer Strength Machine)

15 x 45lbs
6 x 70lbs
3 x 80lbs

Incline Press (Hammer Strength Machine)
3 x 45 then abort!

Notes: This was a lot of work after having not done much lately--probably over did it a bit. Trying to do the barbell press after doing the two dumbbell sets wasn't a great idea. I started with 75lbs but I immediately dropped 10 pounds after one attempt. By the time I got to the incline press, I was toast.

I did the bicycle commute today as well--I'm enjoying this!

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