Friday, June 6, 2008

Metal Day

I was going to title this "Heavy Metal" but I decided it probably wasn't appropriate in my case! :-)


5 x 185lbs
3 sets

Rack Pulls
5 x 185lbs

Overhead Press
5 x 75lbs
2.4 sets


Squats went well but after looking a little closer I don't know if I'm getting past parallel--maybe just a tad. I can certainly squat Asian style (I've had to use "bomb site" plumbing in Thailand) but it's a different story with that weight on my back. I really need to see a qualified trainer one of these days.

I saw a post on rack pulls as an alternative to dead lifts and thought I'd try them. After one set I had a bad feeling about my form. See note above about a qualified trainer.

I used the same weight for the press that I used Tuesday, but this time I failed on the third rep in the last set. Don't know why but I guess it falls under "feces occurs."

I was planning on doing this on an empty stomach today. I wasn't going to do a 20 hour IF like I had earlier in the week but just enough to get the workout in. But just as Grok probably got lucky when a boar accidently came close to his camp in the morning, I stumbled upon some eggs and sausage cooked up by my boss for the crew. Fasting plans aborted! :-)

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