Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Racquetball - Unforced Errors

Very frustrating day on the racquetball court. I fell behind 6-1 in the first game (against Neal) but fought back and served for the win at 14-11. I ended up losing the game. Twice I had set-ups for the game winner but each time I hit terrible shots. That spilled over into the second game where I repeatedly made unforced errors such as clipping a side wall when all I needed was a simple passing shot to win. Or when I made the right decision to hit a defensive shot, but then hit it poorly and set up my opponent. Aaargghh! The only silver lining was that I won the last game which is just the opposite of what normally happens. Actually, there's another silver lining--I got a great workout!!

I did well on my "no cheat" program over the weekend. I officitated a swim meet where there were lots of baked goodies for the taking; however, I stuck to the insides of breakfast tacos and some beef and vegetables.

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