Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heading In The Wrong Direction

I meant to write up my racquetball match last evening but I wasn't able to get a round tuit. I thought about it again when I woke up this morning but those thoughts quickly dissapaited after I made an unplanned trip to the bathroom scale. I figured it would be up after a weekend of no exercise, and a fair amount of eating. But I wasn't prepared for the number that appeared on the lcd screen. I let out an audible "omigod!" It amazes me how quickly I can put it back on. The phrase "hard gainer" refers to someone who has difficulty putting on muscle. Well when it comes to the packing of FAT, I'm an "easy gainer." The main-meal type food I ate over the weekend was fine as far as the macro-nutrient make up goes. But I absolutely ate too much. And I broke down several times when walking by the sugar table. So I find myself, once again, climbing back on the wagon. I am happy with what I have achieved overall the last 10 months, but I'm "treading water" at best here lately. And it won't get any easier this week as I'll be on the road starting tomorrow.

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