Thursday, June 12, 2008

Racquetball and Medications

First the bad news. I got my butt kicked on the court today. After three games the aggregate score was Ron-45, Dave-8. We played a fourth game where I scored 9 but Ron was going through the motions at that point. I hit a handful of good shots but a boatload of crappy ones. Oh well--feces occurs.

The good news - I felt good during and after the match. No sign of the dizziness I experienced while trying to workout yesterday. I exchanged some emails about the dizziness with some of the elite of the fitness blogosphere. :-) I think they got me pointed in the right direction when Marc asked if I was on any medications. I do take Zestoretic for high blood pressure although I've been meaning to check with the doctor to see if I can cut back or eliminate it. Before my home BP monitor quit working, I would often get readings of 100/65 or lower. Recently I was put on another medication called Hytrin to help with my (borrowing from the commercials) "male urinary symptoms." The label says to take one before bedtime but I kept forgetting. So for the last couple of days I took it in the morning with the rest of my meds. Well I did a little research and found out that the Hytrin is also prescribed to..........lower blood pressure!! I was taking two BP meds in the morning when I'm not convinced at this point that I need to be taking any at all! So I'm back to taking the Hytrin at night when I remember.

I have a doctor's appointment on July 3rd to discuss all this. I'm also going to see if he can do anything for my forehand kill shot!

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