Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Racquetball

I got back on the court today after a layoff of several days. Neal took the first game 15-10. It was a strange feeling game in that I didn't feel particularly motivated. Normally I'm very competitive and I start getting a bit upset if I fall behind in a game. But I had an "oh well" attitude about that first game. But after losing the first one, my competitive juices started flowing and I won the second two games. I belive the second game was 15-10 or 15-9. I was behind in the match game 11-5 at one point and 13-8 at another. I made a strong comeback and won that game 15-13. I didn't work very hard in the first game but I got in some great work the rest of the way. I get to play Ron tomorrow for my weekly beat down! :-)

The temperatures this July have been some of the mildest since I moved to Corpus Christi some 15 years ago. But my bicycle ride home today will be in some damn hot and humid conditions. I really enjoy the morinig rides in but getting home won't be a lot of fun. But with the gas savings it's like I'm being paid to work out. I'll earn it today! I plan on doing some push ups at home this evening and maybe some plank exercises.

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