Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food, Golf, Exercise, Rest

The title kind of sums up the last four days:

Saturday: Spent the bulk of the day at the pool officiating a swim meet. This one was put on by the city which in the past has meant some rather poor selection when it came time to eat. But they put on a good spread this time and it left me with some good choices. The breakfast tacos were huge so I was able to toss the tortilla and put the rest on a plate with a little salsa. For lunch they had some large deli-style sandwiches. Again, I was able to eat some roast beef and cheese, and munch from a veggie tray. I passed on the cookies and other baked items. Good day!!

Sunday: Finally got in a round of Boogie Golf. There was enough of a breeze and cloud cover to make it a very comfortable morning of golf--not something that is guaranteed in south Texas in July. I started out pushing everything to the right, but I finally got it going and played fairly well from tee to green. My putting, however, left a lot to be desired. I had a couple three-putt bogeys, which really sucks after hitting a green in regulation. But what the hell--the short game, including putting, requires practice (at least for me) and it's not something I do.

Monday: I did the round trip to work on the bike, and played a racquetball match with Neal. My consecutive game streak ended when I lost the first game 15-13, but I won the last two games 8 & 9.

Tuesday: I declared today a rest day. I drove to work, and spent my lunch hour surfing the net. I was ready for a break. But I'll be back on the bike tomorrow, and plan on doing a little lifting at the gym.

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