Thursday, July 10, 2008

Regularly Learn and Play New Sports

The phrase serving as the title of this post is taken from the Crossfit website--specifically from a piece entitled "world-class fitness in 100 words." I mention it because today I was planning on heading to the gym and doing some leg work. But after having a conversation with Ron on a work related matter, he asked if I was up for racquetball today. I have settled into a routine as of late where I try to play twice a week with a couple days rest between matches. Since I'm already scheduled to play Neal tomorrow, I hesitated before I finally said yes. The bottom line is that I prefer "play" to "work out." Make no mistake--playing racquetball at the level I do IS a good workout. But it's FUN as well and that is a great combination!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I lost four games including a 15-1 shellacking in the fourth and final game. But I had my good moments and managed a few side-outs while Ron was using his A-game serve. I'm already preparing tonight for tomorrow's match with Neal. The preparation comes in the form of an 800mg Motrin! :-)

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