Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kettlebell Clean and Press Ladders

I wasn't able to get to the gym at lunch time today, so when I got home I broke out the old kettlebell for workout

C&P Ladders
3 x 4 Rungs with 35lb

Notes: For the uninitiated, a ladder consist of doing one rep, break, two reps, break, three reps, etc. Each one of those is a rung. I did these alternating arms so I ended up doing a total of 30 lifts with each. When I was doing these regularly, I had worked up to four ladders of five rungs. I decided to start a little lower since I haven't done these in a while. My warm up for this work was riding home for seven miles against a pretty stiff wind. I've really been neglecting resistance work in favor of playing racquetball lately. Doing more work like this is probably my best bet.

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