Friday, July 11, 2008

The Fat Lady Was About To Take The Stage

But I sent her back to the wings. I was down 14-5 in my first racquetball game today, but I managed to pull out the game 15-14. I had some mini-streaks in there but I had to fight off four or five game points in the process. I also came back from down early to win the second game. No time for a third today.

Looking back, this was a pretty good week. I rode 56 miles on the bike commuting to work, got in a couple of good workouts in the gym, played nine games of racquetball, and managed to stick to my eating plan. The only thing I would like a mulligan on is my fruit consumption. I think I need to cut back a little to get my total carb intake down. We have a mango tree in our yard that is producing and they are delicious. But those little suckers are one of nature's sugar bombs. They are great but not when you're trying to lose weight.

One consequence of all the work this week is that my legs are a bit sore. I'm not going to do anything strenuous tomorrow although I'll be on my feet quite a bit officiating a swim meet. I also plan on walking 18 holes of golf Sunday. That may end up being therapeutic. We'll see!

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