Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Hitched Up The New Wagon--It's On A Roll!

After my week of eating everything in site, I'm back on track and doing quite well. I've definitely cut back on the carbs and the calories. I passed a big test last night when I went to a party at my son's house. There were mass quantities of food and drink available but I limited myself to a plate of salad (an excellent mix of fennel, spinach, onion, and avocado), and small piece of grilled top sirloin. I chased it with a few ounces of a Napa Valley Zinfandel. I was pretty proud of myself!

One thing that is helping is that I have reintroduced something into my diet that has been missing for awhile. A few months ago I decided to stop eating sugar free popsicles in the belief that I had a better chance of taming my "sweet tooth" if I just eliminated as many sweet tasting things as possible. It didn't work. My sweet tooth is just something I have to live with, and these popsicles make it a lot easier to satisfy the cravings without doing a lot of damage. Also, the fact that there's a "crunch" when I bite into them seems to help "fool" the old body into thinking it has actually eaten something. So I'll continue to have a couple every evening on weekdays, and four or five on weekends. They definitely aren't primal, and old Grok wouldn't know what they hell they are, but I think they will help me achieve my goals.

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