Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bustin Dem Shoulders

I made it to the gym today and my shoulders seem to have taken the brunt of the punishment:


3 sets with a 40lb barbell
20, 20, 15

Renegade Rows

3 sets with 15lb dumbbells
Alternating Arms
20, 20, 10

Bench Press

15 x 70lbs
6 x 90lbs
4 x 100lbs


Thrusters - Not much work for my legs but my arms/shoulders were burning on the second and third sets.

Renegade Rows - This is the first time I've tried these. I started with a low weight because I didn't know what to expect. What I found out was that the difficulty of this exercise lies in the tension required to maintain the plank position while doing the rows. I'll definitely use more weight next time. This was made easier because all of our dumbbells have the hexagonal shape which makes for a stable platform for the anchor arm while rowing with the other. I imagine this would be harder with round plates, and even harder with kettlebells.

Bench Press - I'm not a bench press guy and haven't done any in a real long time. The last time I remember doing any was in the 80s and I strained a muscle in the process which took me off the racquetball court for a couple weeks. At any rate, I did this on a plate-load machine, and I'm not sure what the load is without plates. I guessed 20 per arm in my figures. I obviously was cautious with the weight.

Prior to today, we had eight straight days with some rain so my bicycle has stayed in the garage. But the sun was shining today so I rode to work and back. I really do enjoy the ride although I wish I still had a recumbent bicycle to do it on. But my beater bike gets me there and I'm not to worried about anyone wanting to steal it!

Yesterday I played racquetball with Ron. Lost all three but played pretty well in spurts. I'm scheduled to play Neal on Friday.

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