Monday, August 4, 2008

Win-Win Thursday, Pushups, & Eating Poolside

When your humble blogger last left you, I was scrambling out of the office to avoid a food orgy about to take place on the premises. I headed over the racquetball courts to submit to my standard beat-down from Ron--a much better health option than foraging from the desert table at the food orgy. I was rewarded by scoring 15 points in the third game! Now that's my way of saying I won a game without actually saying it. As I've posted before, Ron plays at a reduced level when we are on the court--much like one golfer giving another one strokes for a match. But it is still an achievement because he doesn't give up those last points willingly. When I have won in the past, it usually took a few side-outs during the last two to three points to get to 15; however, Thursday I served out from 12 to end the game. Yee-hah!! When I got back to the office, I checked out the conference room and found that there was some food I could eat. There was a tray full of finger sandwiches so I took out the contents of several of them, and then wrapped them in some cheese slices. I combined that with a salad, and avoided the desert table. So this was my "win-win" Thursday!

Friday I played a racquetball math with Neal. We split the first two games but nothing was going right for me in the third game and I found myself down 14-1. But I made a charge from there and got it to 14-10 before finally losing. I chalk that one up as a moral victory! I also attempted Day 3 of the 100 Pushup program. I made it through the first four sets but I struggled to finish. There was no way I could do the fifth set which was to do a max number but at least ten. So I'm going to repeat Week 1 again and try to increase the 5th set numbers along the way.

I spent the bulk of the weekend officiating a swim meet at the Corpus Christi Natatorium. I had mixed results staying on my eating plan. Saturday I did just fine. I ate the contents of a couple bacon and egg tacos (without the tortilla) for breakfast. For lunch the main entree was lasagna but they also had a real nice salad with mixed greens, tomatos, olives, and onion. I took a big bowl of the salad, and added some broccoli and carrots from a salad tray. I did have four one-inch squares of my favorite cream cheese and sugar concoction called Chess Cake, but that's a big improvement from past meets where I've had more like 18 pieces! Sunday I didn't do as well because they had lasagna again without the salad. They did have some sandwiches but they didn't have much meat in them. I ended up eating a couple sandwiches to include the bread. It was a long day on deck and I was hungry!! I also managed to keep my Chess Cake consumption down to four pieces again. I thought I was only going to eat two pieces because they ran out. But while I was standing on deck during the meet, the woman who bakes the cake came up to me with a napkin covered plate. She had found two more pieces that had been set aside and she wanted me to have them! Now I don't have to worry about eating those until the end of October when that club sponsors another meet.

It was a good week all-in-all. Four days of racquetball and five days of commuting to work on the bike. I also did my push-up workout for three days. This week I hope to get in some kettlebell work in addition to the pushups.

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