Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching Up - Pushups, Stretching, Golf, Racquetball

Time, once again, for another catch-up post.

Thursday - This was a recovery day to make sure I got over the back problems I was experiencing. I went to the gym at lunch and did nothing but stretch and do the McKenzie back exercises. I felt much better and had no more episodes of the spasms.

Friday - I got back on schedule (sort of) for the 100 Pushups program. I repeated the W1D2 workout but I was able to do 10 for the final set. I'm going to go ahead and start on the Week 2 schedule Monday.

Saturday - Boogie Golf!! I got out early hoping to beat the heat but no such luck. Real summer has finally arrived here. The recent rains bumped up the humidity AND the mosquito population. I played some pretty decent golf in spots including several pars, but I also lost three balls mainly because I lost sight of them when I hit the shot. We had some low, white clouds that made it difficult to see; however, those same clouds at least blocked some of the direct sunlight. I was soaking wet after walking four holes anyway.

Sunday - Sat on my butt and watched the olympics all day. That men's 4x100 freestyle swimming relay was one of the most exciting sporting events I have ever watched. I was out of my chair screaming at Lezak just as much as Phelps was. What a race!!!

Today - I played racquetball with Neal today and repeated what I did the last time. I won the first and last game and he took the second. We had some really good rallies--good work. I'm really glad that I have a good serve as a weapon because without it, I'd be in trouble. Neal covers the court very well, which contributes to the quality of the workout I get when we play.

I stayed up late watching the tube last night so I drove into work this morning so no cycle miles for day one. This evening I'll do my pushup workout (and probably mow the lawn). :-)

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