Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Return Of An Old Nemesis

Earlier today I was thinking about making an entry tonight with the title of "100 Pushups, Racquetball, and Swimming." But I've decided against the pushups because I'm in some pain at the moment.

Yesterday I played racquetball with Ron and got wiped out. Today, however, I played Neal and won the final game after splitting the first two. I walked off the court feeling tired but fine.

Earlier this evening, my granddaughter asked me to drive her to the base swimming pool. I decided to put on my suit and grab my goggles. I'm a pretty lousy swimmer so I did my laps "across" the pool (about 10 - 12 meters). I didn't do much--around 10 lengths--but it was better than nothing. I climbed out of the pool feeling tired but fine.

As I sat by the side of the pool, I felt some discomfort in my lower back over the right hip. I figured I probably irritated things by kicking in the water, which is something I hadn't done in awhile. After coming home, I walked back outside to go get something out of the car when it hit me--an "oh shit", stop you dead in your tracks back spasm. It passed in a couple seconds but there was some residual pain. It happened again an hour later. I went through something like this five years ago and it took some physical therapy to get over it. I'm going to try to handle this on my own for now. I've already dropped some horse-pill size Motrin and a couple of muscle relaxers, and I'm going to do some of the exercises I learned the last time I went through this. Meanwhile I don't feel much like doing the pushups, or riding the biked to work tomorrow. I'm going to rest up and hope this passes quickly.

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