Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Praise Of Bicycle Commuting

Well the school year has started and I've managed to keep the bicycle commute going. In the past, I've always brought my granddaughter to school; however, this year she doesn't start until 8:25 and I wanted to keep riding. She now gets a ride with her dad, and I stay on two wheels!

Yesterday I had to work through my lunch break so no time at the gym. But the great thing about the bicycle commute is that I know that at the very least I will get 50-55 minutes of exercise. It's also great that I'm saving gas money and wear and tear on the car, as well as riding right past the traffic that backs up at the gate of the Navy base in the mornings. I do miss the comfort of my recumbent bike that was stolen from my garage, but the fat-tired beater bike is suited well for the urban commute. I have to stay on sidewalks and cross some grass surfaces on the way home, and the upright bike is better suited for that then the recumbent.

Whooops! It's time for me to change clothes and hop on my machine! It's quittin time! :-)

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